My husband and I went to Maryam for assistance with a very difficult immigration case. We had talked to several Immigration Law experts prior to finding Maryam, and it was one bad experience after another. Fortunately, we found Maryam and she helped us file a petition for the Provisional Waiver. In order to receive this provisional unlawful presence waiver, the applicant (my husband) needed to prove that “me” his U.S. citizen spouse would suffer “extreme hardship”. Maryam did such an exceptional job in organizing and detailing all of our supporting documentation for extreme hardship, that my petition was approved!
However, this didn’t mean the process was over. The next step was for my husband to leave the country to attend his visa interview in Caracas, Venezuela. There was no guarantee of successful return, since the consular officer adjudicating his case (at the interview) could deny it based on discretionary determination. I still remember the day my husband left to his interview. I said goodbye not knowing if he would return. My child and I were very emotional. Personally, I was terrified that his visa would be denied and then be placed into removal deportation proceedings. When expressing my fears to Maryam, she always remained positive, optimistic and confident that my husband’s visa would be approved, and that’s exactly what happened! Maryam’s competence is outstanding! Despite the odds she prepared and handled my case with the utmost professionalism. She is truly the best and the only one I can trust if I ever need legal assistance again. If you are looking for someone with an extraordinary work ethic, who is trustworthy, focused and dedicated, I recommend Maryam.
Maryam, I can’t thank you enough!